Readings Archive

Since 1962 The University of Arizona Poetry Center has played host to a variety of readings. The Poetry Center has sponsored poets laureate and community members alike (with many of them returning to read multiple times). This is a comprehensive list of those readings.

MLA indicates Modern Languages Auditorium.

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Name Description Location Reading Date
George MacBeth Reading PMM 05/07/1969
Cynthia MacDonald Reading MLA 11/14/1978
Nathaniel Mackey Reading Pima Community College 03/28/2013
Archibald MacLeish Reading University Auditorium 11/02/1965
Sandra MacPherson Reading 03/21/1973
Nancy Mairs Reading MLA 09/20/1989
Nancy Mairs Reading 11/17/1981
Nancy Mairs Reading MLA 03/09/1988
David Malouf Reading 04/14/1980
Carl Marcum Reading Poetry Center/Cherry Avenue 11/29/2001
Richard Marius Reading Harvill Auditorium 03/04/1983
Dawn Lundy Martin Poetry Off the Page Symposium The Rogue Theatre 05/19/2012
Dawn Lundy Martin Poetry Off the Page Symposium Poetry Center 05/20/2012
Rubén Martínez Reading Poetry Center 11/09/2017
Nina Marie Martínez Prose Series MLA 10/05/2005
Rubén Martínez Prose Series MLA 08/31/2005
J. Michael Martínez Reading Poetry Center 04/25/2013
Demetria Martinez Tucson Festival of Books ILC 03/14/2009
Carole Maso Reading MLA 11/13/2002
Adrian Matejka Reading Poetry Center 02/25/2016
Khaled Mattawa Reading Poetry Center 02/01/2018
Khaled Mattawa Reading Phoenix Art Museum 02/02/2018
William Matthews Reading 01/24/1973
William Matthews Reading 11/04/1977
William Matthews Reading MLA 09/16/1981
Peter Matthiessen Reading MLA 03/28/1984
Farid Matuk Reading Poetry Center 11/14/2013
D.T. Max Reading Poetry Center 02/19/2014
Kenneth McClane Reading 02/07/2006
Kenneth McClane Lecture Poetry Center/First Street 02/06/2006
John McElroy Reading 19th Century American Authors Student Union 11/28/1973
Erin McGraw Reading MLA 11/15/1989
Medbh McGuckian Reading Center for Creative Photography 10/17/1994
Heather McHugh Reading Poetry Center 04/23/2009
Heather McHugh Lecture Poetry Center 04/24/2009
Heather McHugh Reading MLA 02/25/1987
Heather McHugh Reading MLA 04/19/1995
Kit McIlroy Reading MLA 11/30/1994
Kit McIlroy Alumni Reading Poetry Center 09/27/2007
Terry McMillan Reading MLA 10/19/1988
Larry McMurtry Reading MLA 10/20/1982
Sandra McPherson Reading Gallagher Theatre 03/21/1973
Joyelle McSweeney Next Word Series Poetry Center 10/11/2012
Ruth Meenan Poetry Recital Unitarian Church 03/27/1988
Semezdin Mehmedinovic Reading MLA 03/23/2005
Maria Melendez Tucson Festival of Books Kiva Room, Student Union 03/14/2010
Matt Mendez Fall Reading Series UA Poetry Center 09/19/2013
Matt Mendez Reading Poetry Center 09/19/2013
Miguel Méndez Reading MLA 02/15/1989
William Meredith Reading PMM Auditorium 03/17/1966
William Meredith Reading Physics-Math Auditorium 02/27/1963
James Merrill Reading MLA 04/01/1987
W. S. Merwin Reading MLA 03/22/1977
W. S. Merwin Reading MLA 01/14/1969
W. S. Merwin Reading MLA 02/12/1975
W. S. Merwin Reading MLA 09/05/1984
W. S. Merwin Reading/Lecture Poetry Center 04/17/2008
W. S. Merwin Reading MLA 01/17/1990
W. S. Merwin Reading Student Union 09/18/1998
Bert Meyers Reading MLA 12/04/1968
Robert Mezey Reading MLA 02/18/1970
Rattee Michael Tucson Festival of Books Kiva Room, Student Union 03/13/2010
Leonard Michaels Reading Student Union 04/23/1979
Leonard Michaels Reading MLA 09/24/1980
Jane Miller Reading Poetry Center 08/29/2013
Jane Miller Tucson Festival of Books ILC 03/15/2009
Jane Miller Reading MLA 12/01/1999
Jane Miller Reading MLA 09/07/2005
Jane Miller Reading MLA 09/23/1992
Jane Miller Lecture Woods Library 09/08/2005
Jane Miller Reading MLA 09/03/1986
Kathy Miller 10/19/1981
Lydia Millet Reading Poetry Center 03/30/2017
Lydia Millet Reading Poetry Center 11/08/2012
Czeslaw Milosz Reading MLA 09/15/1982
Felipe S. Molina Poetry and Politics Reading Student Union 04/13/1992
N. Scott Momaday Poetics and Politics Reading Student Union 03/30/1992
N. Scott Momaday Reading Harvill Auditorium 04/13/1982
N. Scott Momaday Reading MLA 10/31/1974
N. Scott Momaday Reading MLA 02/24/1988
Mondo Hip Hop Reading Rialto Theatre 10/27/2000
Ander Monson Poetry Off the Page Symposium Poetry Center 05/19/2012
Ander Monson Reading Poetry Center 01/22/2015
Ander Monson Reading Gallagher Theatre 01/22/2009
Rick Moody Reading Poetry Center 09/23/2010
Alison Moore Reading MLA 02/14/1996
Pat Mora Reading MLA 03/27/1996
Pat Mora Reading MLA 02/09/1988
Pete Morgan Reading MLA 10/26/1976
Tracie Morris Colloquium/Mondo Hip-Hop Swede Johnson 10/27/2001
Tracie Morris Conceptual Poetry Symposium UA Poetry Center 05/28/2008
Tracie Morris Reading/Mondo Hip-Hop Rialto Theatre 10/27/2001
Rusty Morrison Next Word Series Poetry Center 02/10/2011
Howard Moss Reading MLA 10/16/1985
Fred Moten Next Word Series Poetry Center 02/10/2011
Daniyal Mueenuddin Reading Poetry Center 02/24/2012
Lisel Mueller Reading MLA 10/28/1981
Bharati Mukherjee Reading MLA 02/26/2003
Paul Muldoon Colloquium Swede Johnson 01/31/2002
Paul Muldoon Reading MLA 01/30/2002
Harryette Mullen Reading St. Andrews 03/31/2007
Manuel Muñoz Reading Gallagher Theatre 11/13/2008
Manuel Muñoz Reading Poetry Center 09/01/2011
David Mura Lecture Himmel Park Library 11/17/2004
David Mura Reading MLA 11/17/2004
Sheila E. Murphy Reading 04/13/2004
Sheila E. Murphy Tucson Festival of Books Kiva Room, Student Union 03/14/2010
Les Murray Reading 04/14/1980
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me Reading Reading Poetry Center 12/01/2010