Poetry Lesson Plans

The Power of Plants to Quench Unnameable Thirst
By: Sophie Daws
Literary Model: "Brigham's tea" by Gary Paul Nabhan
Lesson Plan: PDF icon powerinplants_daws.pdf
The Poetics of Food & Labor
By: Wren Awry
Literary Model: Cheshire Tongkat interview, "Dirt" by Gary Soto, "Lessons" by Jacqueline Woodson
Lesson Plan:
Ingredient Odes
By: Wren Awry
Literary Model: "Dragon Fruit," by Aimee Nezhukumatathil; "The Traveling Onion" by Naomi Shihab Nye; "ode to coffee / oda al café" by Urayoán Noel
Lesson Plan:
Test -- SG
By: Sarah Gzemski
Literary Model: Silly Poems
Lesson Plan:
My Name Is...
By: Sarah Kortemeier, Julie Lauterbach-Colby
Literary Model: "allegory of the black man at work in a synagogue" by Roger Bonair-Agard
Lesson Plan: PDF icon my_name_is.pdf
Breaking Bread: Poetry, Rhetoric, and Connection
By: Matthew John Conley, Sarah Kortemeier
Literary Model: Carolyn Forché, "The Colonel"
Lesson Plan: PDF icon breaking_bread_-_poetry_rhetoric_and_connection.pdf
"Facts You Did Not Know About Me": Rhetoric, Persuasion, and Speaking in Character
By: Sarah Kortemeier, Sonja Fordham
Literary Model: "The all black penguin speaks: 17 facts you did not know about me" by Roger Bonair-Agard
Lesson Plan: PDF icon facts_you_did_not_know_about_me-rhetoric_persuasion_and_speaking_in_character.pdf
"Ballad in O": Sound, Sense, Play, and Place
By: Sarah Kortemeier, Ryan Winet
Literary Model: "Ballad in O" by Cathy Park Hong
Lesson Plan: PDF icon ballad_in_o_and_univocalic_poetry.pdf